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Hey, guys! 🙂 Just got back from a long trip 😉 not really going to celebrate 4th of July here. Oh!…check this random little bit of awesomeness out:

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New Hub! ScrewLooseComics.Webs.Com

Hey, guys! So, I created another site, screwloosecomics.webs.com. Dunno what I’m going to use it for yet, but you all can go check it out. Sign up, create a profile, chat, etc.

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Side-Scrolling Character Movement – FLASH TUTORIAL – ActionScript 2

This tutorial has been moved to my other site.

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NANNER v1.1 – a new shoot ’em up game.

A “shoot-em-up” game, in which you can customize & save your character.

Okay, so here’s what I’ve been working on lately.  It’s a customize your character/shoot the baddies type game. Bugs? Yes. A plenty. The most glaring – you can move your characters “pieces” around while your playing the game. 8″D So, anyways, please check it out. It’s not entirely finished yet (I need to add a few more levels) but it’s pretty close.

(The link to the game is below the thumbnails.)

You can go here to play it in a web page (slicker interface):


Or here to play it “old-fashioned”, just the flash (and it’s full-er screened):



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A game in progress – Sokky Karate!

Hey, guys! I uploaded a game I’m currently working on. Right now you can only move around and watch Clyde cry, but you can still check it out. It’s on the games page or you can click below:

Sokky Karate!

Thanks! And post a comment if you find any bugs. 😉

– Screwed Loose

New flash games page!

Hey, guys! I’ve added a new page – for my flash games! Please check it out; there’s only one up and one in progress but there will be more! Thanks. 8D

– Screwed Loose

I made a flash game! *yipee*

Hey, guys! So, I wanted to learn how to make one of those snake video games, right? I found this *amazing* tutorial, followed it, made a bunch of graphics, and BOOM! So, check it out. It’s called The Mikes VS. The Daves. I added a grid/no-grid functionality that wasn’t in the tutorial; if you’re finding it difficult, turn on the grid. And if you find any bugs or have any comments, questions, advice, etc about the game, feel free to post a comment!

(WordPress does not allow .swf (Flash) files, for good cause, so the link is to an outside site.)

The link:

The Mikes VS. the Daves

– Screwed Loose