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A Random Study – A Walking Stickman Movie

Okay, so this is a really random thing I’ve been working on. You see, I realized I couldn’t draw an animation of anyone walking. So, I looked around, did a few tutorials, and this is what I came up with. Comments are appreciated!

– Screwed Loose

Stickman - Walking
Click on the above image to view the animation.

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Random Stickmen Animations! (Random Stickmen #1)

So…here is a rather random stickman animation I did a while back. Yeah, the quality is a bit poor, but it was one of my first few ventures into animation. 😉 I feel they move a bit realistically…for stickmen…

(Hopefully I’ll make a series outta this. If so, this is Random Stickmen #1.) Please feel free to post any feedback! 🙂

– Screwed Loose

(I wanted to make it a QuickTime movie, but my computer’s being a bit funky. Sorry! Here’s an animated .gif, anyways.)

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