So I’m uploading some of my portfolio. :)

Hey, guys! I’m uploading some of my REAL (ish) art portfolio. Check it out on the Dude, who ARE you? page. Comments are totally appreciated. Thanks!

– Screwed Loose


Sokky & Clyde on my T-Shirt.

Hey, guys! Yep, so the other day I went to Cafepress and, well, I needed some new clothes anyway…so I put Sokky & Clyde on a t-shirt. 8″D It’s not really anything funny, but I couldn’t think of a joke so it’s kinda stupid…anyways, it’s got Sokky & Clyde on the front and this site on the back. Basic, really. The pictures are below:

(I’ll just say this so I don’t get sued or anything by Cafepress: The images on the shirt are made by me. The images of the shirt are generated by Cafepress. Thanks, guys!)

And then here’s the image I put on the front (the text isn’t there because you do that in the Cafepress editor):
And ta-DA! My amazing shirt. 8D

Anyways, coming up, I shall post some of my portfolio. Like actual (not very awesome) artwork. Ie, non-cartoonish (sometimes). Today or tomorrow.

Any comments on meh shirt are appreciated. ^,^

PS. Check out my “amazing” animation…not *just* for father’s day, ya know. 😉

PSS. WHOA! O.O I just realized I’ve forgotten the “related posts” section…*update*

– Screwed Loose

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(For the link to my amazing animation, click here.)

Hey, guys. ^,^ Yep, life’s been a bit crazy lately, but it’s summer and I’m back! So, I’m setting up a page for father’s day (will be published on June 20th at 1:00am). Want to send that special dad in your life something funny? A cartoon I made for father’s day! (Click here to check it out.) It’s just a humorous little cartoon, unrelated to father’s day, but you can send it as a Happy Father’s Day card via email or whatever. WordPress doesn’t allow .swf files (Flash), so it’s an outside link. I think it’s a bit more polished then my other animations. Feel free to tell me what you think!

Anyways, you can send your father a link to my temporary page, which has been scheduled for publishing on June 20th @ 1:00am:

Or you can just send them the link to the animation (click here to view it yourself), which is:


– Screwed Loose

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Thursday3Frames – The Online Age

Annnnddd…as promised, today’s T3F! Enjoy! I made a new abbreviation for it…Wiiw?! ^,^Oh, and whadda think of the banner? 😉

Thursday3Frames - #002

– Screwed Loose

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A New Feature (+ COMIC!!!) = Thursday3Frames!

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A New Feature (+ COMIC!!!) = Thursday3Frames!

Hey, guys! Yep – I’ve been so off-track recently, so I’m creating a new feature….


Yep. Every Thursday, from now-on, I shall be releasing a black-and-white three-frame comic. Sometimes I might do color. 😉 Sometimes I might add a frame. I hope you all enjoy this! Oh, and in celebration, two things:

(1) Really random…Sokky & Clyde emoticons! Check ’em out:

C83 = clyde   …   C8k = sokky

Quick note: The “c”s are their bodies…;)

(2) A celebratory 3-frame! Er…not really 3-frames….8*D… This one’s in black and white…just ’cause. 😉 And it’s labeled as the FIRST-EVER T3F…which…it really isn’t, as today is a Tuesday, but, oh-whatever. ^,^

Check back Thursday! If you have any comments, feel-free to post them. 😉

– Screwed Loose

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A little bit of boasting…

Hey, guys! So, if any of you all are Nintendo Okie readers, you might have noticed their new title/other images…hhhmmm, I wonder who made them? 😉

Anyways, here’s what I did (images posted with Nintendo Okie’s permission, of course):

You’ll have to click on them to see them full-size.

Thanks for reading! Any comments? Post ’em! Also, my super surprise is hitting some brick walls, but I hope to have it up in two weeks-ish.

I shall certainly upload a comic today or tomorrow. ^,^

– Screwed Loose

8*D…Hey, Guys!

Yessshh…so I haven’t been posting lately. I guess when I said I was lazy you went “Pssshaw! No way!”. Now you have proof. 😉 Anyways, I have this really cool (I think) surprise that should be coming up here in possibly three weeks…hopefully you guys should like it. For now, I shan’t be posting anything, but I shall certainly get back on the blogging wagon.

– Screwed Loose