Dude, who ARE you?

Hey, guys! So, I figured I’d make this my little portfolio page. The images aren’t of awesome quality or anything (nor is the drawing… XD), but you should be able to get the gist. 😉

Here’s a random little experiment with graphics design and simplicity. Artistic.


A collage I made. I took some text off the internet (Hellloooo, wikipedia!) and made it a bunch of different fonts, colors, and backgrounds – then I drew the mask and the rose, cut out a bunch of pieces and pasted them together to make this – The Mask & The Rose. (It looks better if you stand back – then you can see the shading. Up close, your eyes are too focused on the details.)

The Mask & The Rose

And then here’s a sketch I made of a skeleton. I’m really proud of this one. It’s pretty good…for me…XD – Study of a Skeleton.

Study of a Skeleton

And then here’s one I drew of a mannequin. Not a big fan of this one – I have a tendency to work light and it shows. Study of a Mannequin.

Study of a Mannequin

Here’s one I did in a basic exercise – working with perspective. You can definitely see my “comic-style” tendencies here. XD Abstract Perspective with Shapes.

Abstract Perspective with Shapes

Thanks for looking at my (incomplete) online portfolio! Comments are appreciated. 🙂 I’m always adding new stuff.

– Screwed Loose

  1. All good art work!

  1. June 2nd, 2010

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