What in the world…?

Yep. So you’re just browsing around (Google? WordPress? Yahoo?) and…bam! You stumble onto this pretty little site. Scratching your head, you think, Screw Loose? What? Well, that’s obviously what this page is here to answer.

I’ve always loved to draw comics. It has been an obsession of mine, over all other forms of art (which I love as well). At the time of this writing, I’m taking a drawing class highly steeped in the fine arts. The whole “apples-oranges-and-bowl” set-up type thing. Sure, it’s fun. But it’s not as fulfilling as comics.

No one – absolutely no one – who is not absolutely crazy will look at a picture of a banana and laugh. But, if there’s a funny-looking little man in the picture, flailing his arms and looking at the banana in absolute terror, now we have a story. Not only that, but a funny story. In fact, the picture itself is funny. See? Fulfilling.

There are two sides to every story. This site has two different sections – comics and writing.

Anyways, back to the question. Screw Loose was originally called Sokky & Clyde, in the first few comics I did. I think that was back in 2008 or so. About a year ago, I changed it to Screw Loose, for the sake of creativity. Er, at least I felt that way. There is not really a main storyline and at some points it can get disturbingly random, but even if there was I wouldn’t go into it. Quite frankly, evaluating and picking apart a comic strip defeats the purpose. It’s supposed to be spontaneous, it’s supposed to be random, and digging too deep in an “about page” like this destroys that.

Feel free to check out my writing, “how-to”s, and so on…

So, feel free to check out my comics. Enjoy!

– Screwed Loose

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • Mrs. S
    • May 10th, 2010

    OH MY WORD!!! I thought I had the only laser-sword-wielding-cut-up-animal-strange-fascination-with-needing-to-insert-a- kooky-“bum”-into-every-creative-writing-exercise-people in MY HOUSE!!! Did you all drink from the same well or something???? Visit the same bio-chemical reactor plant and walk through the same cloud of radio-active proton-particle fused gases??? (we rented Star Trek, 3rd season and had a weekend of it…little overdosed). Well, what a hoot!! You’re site is awesome šŸ™‚ XO

    • Thank you! ^,^ And, XD. Wow. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Star Trek…(sounds like a fun weekend, though). šŸ™‚

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