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(For the link to my amazing animation, click here.)

Hey, guys. ^,^ Yep, life’s been a bit crazy lately, but it’s summer and I’m back! So, I’m setting up a page for father’s day (will be published on June 20th at 1:00am). Want to send that special dad in your life something funny? A cartoon I made for father’s day! (Click here to check it out.) It’s just a humorous little cartoon, unrelated to father’s day, but you can send it as a Happy Father’s Day card via email or whatever. WordPress doesn’t allow .swf files (Flash), so it’s an outside link. I think it’s a bit more polished then my other animations. Feel free to tell me what you think!

Anyways, you can send your father a link to my temporary page, which has been scheduled for publishing on June 20th @ 1:00am:

Or you can just send them the link to the animation (click here to view it yourself), which is:


– Screwed Loose

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