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A New Comic…Screw Loose – Cashmere

Okay, so here’s another comic. I think this is the first one I’ve posted starring the real stars of Screw Loose − Sokky and Clyde! (For reference: Sokky is the red one with the hair, and Clyde is the tan one with the ears and the tail.) This one isn’t exactly hilarious, but it’s the closest one I have on hand.

Later today, I hope to post the first of the Stolen Star and the Stix series. Yesssss…it is comprised of stickmen…8*D Don’t blame me! It is a bit old, anyways.

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments. 🙂

– Screwed Loose

Quick note: If you thought the other comics were big…this one is huge! You’ll have to click to zoom in and out on the frames as you read. 😉

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