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Writer’s Block and Getting Rid of It.

Okay, okay. So I haven’t posted in a bit. A few days. Sorry! Anyways, I can’t really think of anything to upload or draw at this moment, so I figured I’d post this. Some background on me: I’m a writer. Now we can start. 😉

Writer’s block. We’ve all gotten it. Some of us have it, most of us will get it. It’s just one of those things. Sometimes, I’ll sit down, crack my knuckles and go, “Let’s write!” I’m totally pumped. But, I’ll sit there…and sit there…and sit there…I really want to write, but I have no ideas.

Last time this happened, I Googled “writer’s block” and “how to get rid of writer’s block” and there was a lot of really helpful stuff up there. For example, a random scenario generator. Put in your genre and it comes up with a random setting, scene, plot, etc. Really helpful. (They also have a ton of other random generators: anime, B-movies, etc.) I just wrote the “first paragraph of the novels” for all these different ideas and it helped a ton with my brick wall.

Something else I found, which I have never heard before, was a teaching trick. Apparently, writing teachers give three simple steps to their students (in regards to short stories, but it helped spark some creativity, for me):

  • Put a man up a tree
  • Throw stones at him
  • Get him down


I have never heard this before! But it makes perfect sense, really. It simplified it, so that in my total state of mind-blank-ness I could plot a story.

Another successful technique I tried was one website’s Write-O-Matic. Go there. I seriously recommend it. Start with a word and work up. Here’s what I did:

Word: Bright

Sentence: She looked at him with her bright blue eyes.

Paragraph: The little toddler ambled towards her father with a huge grin…and a huge rat. He laughed. “Honey, put that down.” She looked at him with her bright blue eyes and said, “But, why?”

It’s not world-class, I know. 😉 But considering the state I was in, it was pretty good. 😉

Anyways, that’s pretty much all for now. I think I’ll open up a writing section of this site…? Maybe? Or a different blog altogether. 😉 Please feel free to comment. Any feedback you have I value and alternate methods I would like to hear! Thanks!

– Screwed Loose

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