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New Hub! ScrewLooseComics.Webs.Com

Hey, guys! So, I created another site, Dunno what I’m going to use it for yet, but you all can go check it out. Sign up, create a profile, chat, etc.

– Screwed Loose


Sokky & Clyde on my T-Shirt.

Hey, guys! Yep, so the other day I went to Cafepress and, well, I needed some new clothes anyway…so I put Sokky & Clyde on a t-shirt. 8″D It’s not really anything funny, but I couldn’t think of a joke so it’s kinda stupid…anyways, it’s got Sokky & Clyde on the front and this site on the back. Basic, really. The pictures are below:

(I’ll just say this so I don’t get sued or anything by Cafepress: The images on the shirt are made by me. The images of the shirt are generated by Cafepress. Thanks, guys!)

And then here’s the image I put on the front (the text isn’t there because you do that in the Cafepress editor):
And ta-DA! My amazing shirt. 8D

Anyways, coming up, I shall post some of my portfolio. Like actual (not very awesome) artwork. Ie, non-cartoonish (sometimes). Today or tomorrow.

Any comments on meh shirt are appreciated. ^,^

PS. Check out my “amazing” animation…not *just* for father’s day, ya know. 😉

PSS. WHOA! O.O I just realized I’ve forgotten the “related posts” section…*update*

– Screwed Loose

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