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Happy April Fool’s! (New Wallpaper!)

Happy April Fool’s, you guys! ^,^ In celebration of this occasion, I whipped up some tileable April Fool’s wallpaper, starring Scribo. It’s a little rough, but…I hope you enjoy it anyways!

All feedback is appreciated. 🙂

– Screwed Loose

To set as your wallpaper, right-click and then select “Set as Desktop Background” or something similar.

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New Banner!

Yes! Check it out – a new Screw Loose banner! (I’m on a roll today, huh?) Anyways, this is the classic Screw Loose title art. A quick insight: the characters in the comic are called “Mikes” (it’s kinda like their species). The particular Mike featured in the title is called Scribo (look it up in Latin). As in scr-EE-bo. 😉

I shall probably put up another comic today.

– Screwed Loose