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A Clyde Portrait

Hey, guys! I made another portrait, this time of Clyde, in this new style I’ve been experimenting with. Enjoy! I appreciate all feedback. 😉 Anything, even if it’s really random. ^,^ (Keep it G-rated, though…)

– Screwed Loose

A Portrait of Clyde

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A Portrait of Sokky

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A Portrait of Sokky

Hey, all! I’m experimenting with a new drawing style. (No worries! It’s not replacing my old one. ;)) Anyways, please check out the portrait I made of Sokky, below, and tell me what you think. Good, bad, the same?

Anyways, I got some more writing stuff coming up, as well as that Stolen Star and the Stix comic I’ve been promising lately.

– Screwed Loose

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A Clyde Portrait

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Sokky Poster!

Okay, so here’s a rather random poster of Sokky. I believe this fulfills my post for the day. 😉 I’ll post something else a bit later today. Probably at 8:40pm. Enjoy!

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments.

– Screwed Loose

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