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Thursday3Frames – The Online Age

Annnnddd…as promised, today’s T3F! Enjoy! I made a new abbreviation for it…Wiiw?! ^,^Oh, and whadda think of the banner? 😉

Thursday3Frames - #002

– Screwed Loose

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A New Feature (+ COMIC!!!) = Thursday3Frames!

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Sokky & Clyde – Alternate Banner.

Hey, guys. ^,^ Sorry I haven’t been posting. Been really hectic recently…anyways, here’s an alternate banner (possibly for the site, but I shall have to resize it…) I shall have a comic up within the next week.

– Screwed Loose

Click on the image to view it full-size.

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Super Random Wallpaper.

A Portrait of Sokky

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A Portrait of Sokky

Hey, all! I’m experimenting with a new drawing style. (No worries! It’s not replacing my old one. ;)) Anyways, please check out the portrait I made of Sokky, below, and tell me what you think. Good, bad, the same?

Anyways, I got some more writing stuff coming up, as well as that Stolen Star and the Stix comic I’ve been promising lately.

– Screwed Loose

Click to view full-size.

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A Clyde Portrait

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Sokky Poster!

Okay, so here’s a rather random poster of Sokky. I believe this fulfills my post for the day. 😉 I’ll post something else a bit later today. Probably at 8:40pm. Enjoy!

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments.

– Screwed Loose

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New Wallpaper! Sokky – Commando!

So I was looking at all the wallpaper I’ve uploaded so far…and I haven’t uploaded any of Sokky! I quickly threw together this tileable wallpaper….enjoy!

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments – all is appreciated! 🙂

– Screwed Loose

To use as wallpaper: Right-click on the image and select “Set as Desktop Background…”. If you don’t see that, then click “Save image as…” and then save the image, then set as your wallpaper!

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St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper! 2010. Part Two.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper! 2010.

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A New Comic…Screw Loose – Cashmere

Okay, so here’s another comic. I think this is the first one I’ve posted starring the real stars of Screw Loose − Sokky and Clyde! (For reference: Sokky is the red one with the hair, and Clyde is the tan one with the ears and the tail.) This one isn’t exactly hilarious, but it’s the closest one I have on hand.

Later today, I hope to post the first of the Stolen Star and the Stix series. Yesssss…it is comprised of stickmen…8*D Don’t blame me! It is a bit old, anyways.

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments. 🙂

– Screwed Loose

Quick note: If you thought the other comics were big…this one is huge! You’ll have to click to zoom in and out on the frames as you read. 😉

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