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A New Feature (+ COMIC!!!) = Thursday3Frames!

Hey, guys! Yep – I’ve been so off-track recently, so I’m creating a new feature….


Yep. Every Thursday, from now-on, I shall be releasing a black-and-white three-frame comic. Sometimes I might do color. 😉 Sometimes I might add a frame. I hope you all enjoy this! Oh, and in celebration, two things:

(1) Really random…Sokky & Clyde emoticons! Check ’em out:

C83 = clyde   …   C8k = sokky

Quick note: The “c”s are their bodies…;)

(2) A celebratory 3-frame! Er…not really 3-frames….8*D… This one’s in black and white…just ’cause. 😉 And it’s labeled as the FIRST-EVER T3F…which…it really isn’t, as today is a Tuesday, but, oh-whatever. ^,^

Check back Thursday! If you have any comments, feel-free to post them. 😉

– Screwed Loose

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Wallpaper + Avatars = First Day of Spring!

I dunno quite when the first day of spring is, but it’s either today or tomorrow. I figured I’d better upload something, so here it is. 🙂 Some little pictures. You can tile them and use them for wallpaper or keep them as they are and use them as avatars or something. Have fun!

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments. 🙂

– Screwed Loose

Here’s one of Clyde, with a butterfly and a flower…frolicking. XD It’s tile-able, if you want to use it as wallpaper…

Spring 2010 - Pink, Clyde

And a rather random one of Bleep Mike. This is uber-chibi-fied, as I like to call it. 😉 This one’s a link…

Bleep Mike - That Dirty Mouth

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Bleep Mike – Falling Animation

So, a very important secondary character I think I should go over is Bleep Mike. He has a rather interesting cursing problem. Everything out of his mouth has to be censored. It makes for some very interesting situations. 😉

Anyways, I was messing around in Macromedia Flash the other day and I made this. Kinda random, very sketchy, but…I like it anyways.

So, my question to you – can you tell what he’s saying?

(Click on it to view it full-size. You will have to wait about three seconds for the animation to start.)

– Screwed Loose

Bleep Mike - Falling - Animation