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New flash games page!

Hey, guys! I’ve added a new page – for my flash games! Please check it out; there’s only one up and one in progress but there will be more! Thanks. 8D

– Screwed Loose


So I’m uploading some of my portfolio. :)

Hey, guys! I’m uploading some of my REAL (ish) art portfolio. Check it out on the Dude, who ARE you? page. Comments are totally appreciated. Thanks!

– Screwed Loose

A Portrait of Sokky

Hey, all! I’m experimenting with a new drawing style. (No worries! It’s not replacing my old one. ;)) Anyways, please check out the portrait I made of Sokky, below, and tell me what you think. Good, bad, the same?

Anyways, I got some more writing stuff coming up, as well as that Stolen Star and the Stix comic I’ve been promising lately.

– Screwed Loose

Click to view full-size.

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A Clyde Portrait

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New Banner!

Yes! Check it out – a new Screw Loose banner! (I’m on a roll today, huh?) Anyways, this is the classic Screw Loose title art. A quick insight: the characters in the comic are called “Mikes” (it’s kinda like their species). The particular Mike featured in the title is called Scribo (look it up in Latin). As in scr-EE-bo. 😉

I shall probably put up another comic today.

– Screwed Loose

Bam! And We’re Here.

So, hey. This is Screwed Loose here, as I shall refer to myself − a statement which is partially true. 😉 If you want the basics of this site, I recommend visiting the “What in the world…?” page I shall upload here in a bit. It’s basically an “about-this-site” page.

I won’t be adding any comics tonight, but it is on my to-do list, so bear with me, okay? (Definitely by Monday.) I shall also make a banner, but I rather like this premade theme, so that won’t change anytime soon. 8D

This is a short because there really isn’t much to talk about. That shall soon change, I garuntee it. Once more, I hope to have some goodies up by Monday. See you then!