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A little bit of boasting…

Hey, guys! So, if any of you all are Nintendo Okie readers, you might have noticed their new title/other images…hhhmmm, I wonder who made them? 😉

Anyways, here’s what I did (images posted with Nintendo Okie’s permission, of course):

You’ll have to click on them to see them full-size.

Thanks for reading! Any comments? Post ’em! Also, my super surprise is hitting some brick walls, but I hope to have it up in two weeks-ish.

I shall certainly upload a comic today or tomorrow. ^,^

– Screwed Loose


Sokky & Clyde – Alternate Banner.

Hey, guys. ^,^ Sorry I haven’t been posting. Been really hectic recently…anyways, here’s an alternate banner (possibly for the site, but I shall have to resize it…) I shall have a comic up within the next week.

– Screwed Loose

Click on the image to view it full-size.

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7-Part Comic! Larry Dotter and the Half-Headed Bum.

Hey, all. 🙂 Sorry for not uploading anything yesterday – first day back from spring break is always hard. Anyways, this is a seven-part Harry Potter spoof I made a long time ago. Pardon the poor quality. ^,^ They are rather huge, so the links are below. I hope this makes up for the lack of anything yesterday.

Oh, I hope to have some political(ish) comics up by Saturday and the first two parts of the Stolen Star and the Stix series I’ve been promising by Thursday. Also, I think I want to start another multiple-part comic…first I gotta come up with an idea. 😉 This one’ll star Sokky & Clyde, most certainly.

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments! 🙂

– Screwed Loose


Frame One:

Frame Two:

Frame Three:

Frame Four:

Frame Five:

Frame Six:

Frame Seven:

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Revised Heads Up! (New Comic Problems)

Whoops. 8*D Yeah, my scanner isn’t working. That’s why I didn’t get the Stolen Star and the Stix comic up. Terribly sorry. I’ll hafta give myself until next Thursday and I’ll try to draw the comics in. 😉

Anyways, got some more goodies coming up for spring. I’ll put those up Saturday night at 11:59pm. And I’m wondering if I should do something for Houndini’s birthday. That’s the 24th. I’ll put a poll up. 🙂

– Screwed Loose

A New Comic…Screw Loose – Cashmere

Okay, so here’s another comic. I think this is the first one I’ve posted starring the real stars of Screw Loose − Sokky and Clyde! (For reference: Sokky is the red one with the hair, and Clyde is the tan one with the ears and the tail.) This one isn’t exactly hilarious, but it’s the closest one I have on hand.

Later today, I hope to post the first of the Stolen Star and the Stix series. Yesssss…it is comprised of stickmen…8*D Don’t blame me! It is a bit old, anyways.

Please feel free to post any feedback or comments. 🙂

– Screwed Loose

Quick note: If you thought the other comics were big…this one is huge! You’ll have to click to zoom in and out on the frames as you read. 😉

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Heads Up for Thurs!

Hey, guys. Hopefully by tomorrow I shall have the first part of an eight-part series up. It’s extremely rough and I’ll hafta scan it in. Oh…and it involves stickmen. 8*D

Anyways, that’ll be tomorrow and then I’ll put up the next part every Thursday after that. Unless I forget, which might happen. 😉

See you then!

– Screwed Loose

New Banner!

Yes! Check it out – a new Screw Loose banner! (I’m on a roll today, huh?) Anyways, this is the classic Screw Loose title art. A quick insight: the characters in the comic are called “Mikes” (it’s kinda like their species). The particular Mike featured in the title is called Scribo (look it up in Latin). As in scr-EE-bo. 😉

I shall probably put up another comic today.

– Screwed Loose