A New Feature (+ COMIC!!!) = Thursday3Frames!

Hey, guys! Yep – I’ve been so off-track recently, so I’m creating a new feature….


Yep. Every Thursday, from now-on, I shall be releasing a black-and-white three-frame comic. Sometimes I might do color. 😉 Sometimes I might add a frame. I hope you all enjoy this! Oh, and in celebration, two things:

(1) Really random…Sokky & Clyde emoticons! Check ’em out:

C83 = clyde   …   C8k = sokky

Quick note: The “c”s are their bodies…;)

(2) A celebratory 3-frame! Er…not really 3-frames….8*D… This one’s in black and white…just ’cause. 😉 And it’s labeled as the FIRST-EVER T3F…which…it really isn’t, as today is a Tuesday, but, oh-whatever. ^,^

Check back Thursday! If you have any comments, feel-free to post them. 😉

– Screwed Loose

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